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Our partner network ensures we provide you a top-class and holistic service offering

We work with selected partners who have specialist skills in selected business areas. These partners provide “feet on the ground” skills and experience in automating particular types of business processes. Many of our clients choose to work with consulting partners as part of a broader organisational change program when they look at automating the business processes. Below are the profiles of 3 of our partners:

If you are looking for a specific type of consulting partner not listed here, please contact our offices and we can refer you to groups that work in a variety of different industries.

Summation is a boutique Australian consulting group that provides advisory services for medium and large businesses across the region. They specialise in creating flexibility, removing surprise and reducing costs through improved operational process. This is achieved through the application of the Summation process frameworks in combination with SolveXia.

Summation will provide the services you need to quickly adopt and get a return from your investment in process automation. They will help you realize the outcomes and the benefits that can be delivered through process automation by

  • Providing best practices
  • Accelerating your process automation efforts
  • Educating the business
  • Designing and building process
  • Providing tested frameworks


Learn more by visiting our website at www.summation.com.au, contacting Summation at info@summation.com.au.

Follow the Summation blog on improving process and people at blog.summation.com.au and on twitter at @Summatio2012

Modelling Design Partners is a young, fast growing, financial modelling consultancy, based in the UK. We provide consulting services and outsourcing solutions primarily to the insurance and asset management industry.

We consult with our clients in Europe, to build effective financial modelling teams, innovate and develop better models and help our clients develop and enhance their in-house talent.
Our business relationship with SolveXia also allows us to implement and distribute SolveXia in the UK and Europe. Our specialist team can provide on-site installation of SolveXia and assistance with the implementation of business processes within SolveXia, to help our clients achieve all the benefits of automating business processes.

SolveXia provides a platform which allows us to achieve better resource utilisation for our clients, while reducing the potential of human error, and the key person dependency risks within their business.

Learn more by visiting our website at www.modellingdesign.com.

Dink strategic consultants wear overalls. No, not really. But they are not afraid of work, and they don’t mind getting their hands dirty. Our consultants have been around the block. They know that difficult questions have hard answers. They know that you are depending on them to provide sound, practical, down to earth advice about the future of your business. They come prepared to deliver. Founded in 1998, Dink Strategic Consultants has delivered cutting edge advice and guidance to our customers from California to Hong Kong, from London to Johannesburg, for over a decade. Dink Strategic Consultants Inc is headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, USA.

The specific areas of focus for Dink consulting are:

    • Leveraging the Power Potential of End User Computing – We know who they are. “Super Users.” “Data Mungers.” They are a great asset, and a great danger. They are a law unto themselves, and operate independently of the governance structures of IT. With our help, you can provide these valued employees with the tools to empower their creativity, save them time, while putting in place the governance to satisfy the most picky auditor. Too good to be true? We can do a free proof of concept in your organization with your data and your processes.?
    • Enterprise IT Governance – We help and advise you to create IT governance policies, processes and structures which will enable the enterprise rather than hobble it. We build on industry standards like COBIT, Val-IT, ITIL and others to add value and bring control.
    • Business Strategy Development – Using a structured and focused approach, we help you to create, formulate and articulate business strategies that are implementable . We assist you to communicate the strategy to the organization, and to monitor and fine-tune its implementation.
    • IT Outsourcing Management – With templates, structures, processes and principles eveolved in partnership with some of the world’s most advanced companies on both sides of the outsourcing equation, we are equiped to improve any outsourcing partnership — fast!
    • Business and IT Strategy Alignment – Aliging your business and IT strategies is one of the most valuable things that you can do for the enterprise. Our undertanding of this process, the opportunities and pitfalls, can guide you to a successful conclusion delivering lasting results.
    • IT Project Portfolio Management – Treating your IT investments like any other investment pays dividends! Where should you invest? Where should you cut your losses? We help you to set up processes and a mindset that makes this a part of your enterprise skillset.
    • Expense Reduction in IT – Your IT assets represent a substantial investments and an even more substatial ongoing expense. Critical examination of your cost structures and comparisons to international benchmarks can pay off substantially.

Learn more by visiting our website at www.dinkincc.com.

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