ActiveX controls are removed from file

For some Excel files (*.xlsx and *.xlsm) ActiveX controls are removed after the file has been processed by some instructions.

Why does this happen?

The reason for this is that current versions of Microsoft Excel save ActiveX controls in a non-standardised language called VML, and this language is not supported by the technologies that manipulate the underlying Excel data.

Note that “Form controls” are not impacted by this issue. When adding buttons, list boxes and links to a spreadsheet, you can do this with either ActiveX controls or Excel Form controls. They look and behave similarly, however Form controls will not be impacted by this issue. We advise clients that are manipulating files with controls in them to use Form as opposed to ActiveX controls.

How to fix this

Workaround is in two steps:

  1. Convert file into *.xls format.
  2. Convert ActiveX control to the form control. For example – ActiveX Command button to normal form button, and reconfigure the associated macros.
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