Attachment not found

Error message

This step has failed because attached file {FileName} in attachments was either deleted or removed from the system. please review the attachment list and make sure that none of the attached files have been removed from the system

Why does this happen?

Step fails with error message mentioned above when sending an email with file attachments that does not exist in the process. Attached file(s) either been cleared from the file property or file property/data step has been deleted from the data step. Consequently, email step cannot attach file and fail to send an email.

How to fix this

There are 2 ways to find and fix this problem.

1. Load email step and check individual attachment(s)

Load an email step.
Mouse over all attached file(s), note down the step name and property name that appear in tooltip message.
Open noted step and check that file is available in the file property.
If file is not available in the property, then upload a file in the file property, and then run the email step again.

2. Using “Process Validation” tool

Right click on the process, and click on “Process Validation“.
This tool will display all the action steps which refer to the deleted file(s) or other data step properties.
Click on the data step that has link with the email step.
Check that file is available in the the file property. Upload a file in the file property, if file property does not have any file available.

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