Pharmaceuticals – Committed Spend Reporting

This case study portrays how one of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies in the world used SolveXia’s automated process to resolve its committed spend reporting problem.

Client: One of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies in the world with 30,000 employees worldwide.

Problem: Needed to distribute customised reports to each cost centre head in the organisation detailing their committed expenditure.

Solution: Created an automated process that generates the individual reports and emails them to the corresponding cost centre head.

Key metrics: 

  • 270 steps automated
  • No limit to the number of reports (cost centres) that can be generated
  • 14 reports generated in 40 minutes and an additional report takes less than 2 minutes to generate
  • 8 inputs to the process, 3 are optional üManual alternative not viable as it would take too long to do each month
  • Therefore this was a process for the client which was not possible prior to the automated solution
  • Process is also scalable across multiple companies in the group thereby increasing the ROI significantly

Download the case study


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