Workflow approvals

This case study examines a global general insurer that used SolveXia’s automated processes to solve its workflow approvals problem.

Client: Global general insurer with over 2,000 employees, operating in five countries and having $2b in written premiums

Problem: Paper based and risky process to route, approve and process payments and claims for their partner network.

Solution: End-to-end digital solution that captures requests, routes them for approval and generates payment files for bank transfers.

Key metrics: 

  • Initial automation deployed in under 3 months
  • Processes around ~100 approvals each month
  • Handles 20,000+ different request combinations that can influence approval routing
  • 3 levels of authority delegation (up to senior management)
  • Automation of 100+ steps
  • Introduction of new status and performance reporting associated with approval metrics

Download the case study 

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