July 2, 2020

CFO Thought Leadership 2020

Finance Leadership
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2020 has been a very challenging year and has impacted companies, teams and their resources in many unexpected ways. In this unpredictable and changing business environment, your finance team has to adapt and reassess its goals quickly while also accelerating the digitisation of work.

SolveXia’s annual CFO Thought Leadership report comes at a critical time. Following the success of our 2019 survey, we are delighted to announce the publication and release of our 2020 CFO Thought Leadership survey. In 2020 we have looked deeper and surveyed the best finance teams and leading CFOs to help you navigate the Finance challenges of today.

We have collected insights from over 70 Finance executives in Australia and New Zealand who have shared their goals, challenges and technology ambitions as they drive their company forward in these uncertain times.

Read our CFO Thought Leadership 2020 report to learn about:

  • Key objectives and ambitions for CFOs
  • Roadblocks and challenges that Finance teams need to overcome
  • Planned investments in Finance technology and innovation
  • What this survey means for CFOs
  • Key Takeaways
  • Digital Work Solutions for Finance Automation

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