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A real-world analysis of how insurance company ClearView embraced a new technology from SolveXia to improve operational efficiencies, reduce human-error risk and increase the proportion of time its staff was able to spend on high-value activities.


Professional customers for IT solutions typically don’t come much more satisfied than Darren Robinson, a top actuary with insurance company ClearView.

He’s implemented an industry-leading solution at no capital cost. It makes his life easier, offers complete operational and data security with optimal usability. Moreover, it places him firmly at the leading edge of both his industry’s best practice and in the evolution of the work of his profession.

Sound like a big claim?

We don’t think so. As a “pioneer in this space”, Darren also proved the point by bringing the tool that delivers these benefits into not just one leading insurance institution but two, the first being BT Financial Group, owned by Westpac Banking Corporation (WBC) and the second being ClearView insurance.

“There were no other solutions out there when we were looking. What we created with SolveXia was exactly what we needed,” he says.

Rebuilding a depleted team after a mass departure in its valuation arm, Darren was key in the decision to automate several of BT’s actuarial processes in 2009.

“I spent three years at BT, and in the second, we automated a lot of processes, which is when we used the SolveXia platform.”

“Now, ClearView has also been able to seize the platform’s critical benefits in productivity gains that are both dramatic but continuous and incremental. SolveXia offers robust security of data at a low and predictable monthly cost. But at least as important is its ability to manage with complete reliability the organisation’s compliance with increasingly stringent financial reporting obligations.”

Introducing SolveXia

SolveXia is a visionary tool in an emerging class set to transform whole industries. It is a hosted enterprise-grade platform for automating mid and back office processes. It is targeted at organisations that need rapid adaptation of routine, time-consuming, data-intensive processes at a disruptively low price.

As software as a service, SolveXia sits in the cloud, is accessible via any modern browser and is provided at a low monthly cost, paid for by “the seat”, or individual user, as an operational rather than capital expense.

Users can pay for as much or as little as they use, in line with the fortunes of their business.

It provides 24-7 uptime, and eliminates the need for custom development at the client end, where available resources may be tied up on other undertakings.

Available on demand, perhaps most pertinently to this story, SolveXia can be called on to liberate data from legacy applications and re-stitch it together into new patterns. This transforms the nature of the output as well as the processes that go into its creation, but can also have radical implications for the design of the business itself.

The combination appealed to Darren at ClearView.

“We gave SolveXia a specification of how to take data out of our core system, do particular types of manipulation and put the data back into our actuarial projection. SolveXia delivered pre-built steps until the whole end-to-end process worked without human intervention. When I pressed the button and all the steps started running and completing successfully (indicated by green tick marks on the screen), it was clear this was a good system.”

Read the full SolveXia Case Study on ClearView…

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ClearView is a highly focused life insurance and wealth management business. Together with providing quality financial advice, we offer a comprehensive range of investment options, superannuation and retirement options as well as life insurance cover to help clients achieve their financial goals and protect their families

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