Clearing worksheets


The [highlight txt=’clear worksheet’] instruction allows a user to clear all the contents and the formatting of all cells within a particular Excel worksheet.

Before we get started

For the purposes of this article, it would be preferable if you can have at hand a Excel file containing data and formatting. Please also create a data step with a ‘File upload/download’ property and upload the file into the property. Please further create a ‘Manipulate a file’ or ‘Multiple file manipulations’ action step so that you can add and use instructions. The file that this article will refer to looks like this:


1. Create a ‘Clear worksheet’ instruction.

2. Link the file.

3. Select a worksheet. Here, we will select Sheet1.

6. Save and run the step.

7. If you open the file after the step finishes running, you will see that the worksheet is completely empty.

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