Creating input and output properties for subscribers


SolveXia Subscriber View allows users to run existing processes and view reports via a simple, intuitive interface.

This help article explains how you can create input and output properties for subscribers. To use a process in Subscriber View, users must typically progress through four consecutive stages of workflow. Stage 1 requires users to upload input files and select inputs. Stage 4 requires allows users to download output files. If a data property in a particular process is configured as an ‘input’ in Designer View, users who are subscribed to the process will be able to see and interact with that property at Stage 1. Similarly, if a data property has been configured as an ‘output,’ users will be able to download, at Stage 4, any file which exists in the property after the process has been run to completion.

Before we get started

Before we start, please make sure that you have access to a process in both Designer View and Subscriber View. Here are some help articles which may be relevant:


1. Create a new data step or edit an existing one.

2. Create a ‘File upload/download’ property and name it “Input”.

3. In the Property Details Editor, [highlight txt=’expand’] the ‘Advanced’ options menu (it it has not already been expanded). You can do this by clicking on the ‘+’ sign.

4. [highlight txt=’Expand’] the ‘Subscriber view’ dropdown. [highlight txt=’Select’] “Input”.

5. Create another ‘File upload/download’ property and name it “Output”.

6. Again, open the ‘Subscriber view’ dropdown in the ‘Advanced’ options menu. This time, [highlight txt=’select’] “Output”.

7. [highlight txt=’Save’] the step.

8. In order to later demonstrate that files contained in output properties can be downloaded from Subscriber View, upload a file (any file) into the ‘Output’ file/upload download property.

9. [highlight txt=’Save’] the step.

10. Both the input and the output properties you just created will now be visible and functional in Subscriber View. To see this, first, ensure that the process is available to subscribers. Then, log in to the database through Subscriber View. Once you have logged in, you will automatically be taken to the ‘Process List’ page. Find the process you were editing in Designer View and open it.

11. You will see that in Stage 1, the input property named ‘Input’ which you created is functional.

12. You will also see that in Stage 4, the output property named ‘Output’ which you created contains the file you uploaded. You can click the hyperlinked name of this file to download it to your computer.

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