Enhancing an input screen with ‘Text Blocks’

SolveXia allows for the creation of data steps and action steps. Within a data step, a range of properties can be created. This allows data steps to be highly versatile and serve a variety of purposes. Often, data steps act as ‘input screens’ which allow users to upload files, key in numbers, and select values from dropdowns. Upon saving, such files, numbers, and values will then be ‘held’ within the data step so that they can be manipulated or referenced by action steps as the process runs.

Why use ‘Text Blocks’?

A single data step can be designed to contain multiple properties. This may be confusing for users. Designers can ensure that users of their processes understand exactly how to interact with each data property through the use of ‘Text Blocks’. In essence, ‘Text Blocks’ can be used to add text of any content and length anywhere within a data step, allowing designers to leave messages for future users of their processes.


1. Create a new data step or edit an existing one.

2. Create a ‘File upload/download’ property and name it “Input”.

3. Find the ‘Text Block’ property from the Property Toolbox. [highlight txt=’Click, drag and drop’] the property to rest above the property created in Step 2.

4. Name the property “Instruction to Users” by typing into the ‘Name’ field.

5. [highlight txt=’Select’] the ‘Value’ field. The dropdown that appears is a free text field.

6. In the free text field, type “Please upload the ‘Bank Reconciliation’ file for the current month.”

7. You will see that the text you have typed cannot be fully displayed as the ‘Text Block’ is too narrow. Re-size the ‘Text Block’ by [highlight txt=’clicking and dragging’] the blue handle on its right edge. Continue dragging until a red line appears to signify that the right edge of the ‘Text Block’ has become aligned with the right edge of the ‘File upload/download property’.

8. You will see that the text still cannot be fully displayed. In the Property Details Editor, [highlight txt=’expand’] the ‘Advanced’ options menu (it it has not already been expanded). You can do this by clicking on the ‘+’ sign. [highlight txt=’Tick’] the box in the ‘Wrap text’ field. All the text will now be visible.

9. [highlight txt=’Save’] the step.

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