Exporting to Excel


The [highlight txt=’export to Excel’] instruction allows a user to export data from a Managed Table to an Excel worksheet.

[message type=”warning”]For the purposes of this article we are going to use a simple and fictitious Managed Table named “AirlineInfo”. You will want to replace this Table with one of your own.[/message]

Before we get started

Please further create a ‘Manipulate a file’ or ‘Multiple file manipulations’ action step so that you can add and use instructions.

The Managed Table has the following design:

The target file that we are going to use is a standard fresh Excel workbook which contains 3 empty worksheets.


1. Create an ‘Export to Excel’ instruction.

2. Link the Managed Table named “AirlineInfo” as the source.

3. Tick the box for the ‘Include column headings?’ rule.

4. Link the file named “Target” as the target file.

5. Use Sheet1 from the target file.

6. Use cell address A1 from Sheet1.

8. Save and run the step.

9. After the step finishes running, download and open the target file. As you can see, the Table has been completely re-designed to match the structure of the Excel data:

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