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This article will explain what design mode is and how to use it. Design mode is either ON or OFF; When it is ON – it allows the structure of a process to be changed (i.e. steps added, removed, re-ordered,renamed etc.). When it is OFF, structural changes cannot be made to a process. You must have ‘modify’ permissions for the process in order to turn on design mode. By restricting the permission for who does and does not have permission to use design mode on a process, you can control who can change it.

To turn design mode on, you will first need to open a process. You can read more about how to this here. Once you have the process open that you want to change, please follow the steps below:


  • Click on the “Design mode” button on the tool-bar at the top of the screen. This button can be found in the “Home” tab on the tool-bar, in the “Tools” group
  • When you are in design mode, you will see a message “You are in design mode” immediately above the open step groups and step in your process (toward the bottom of the screen).
  • You will also notice that the background behind the step groups and steps will turn an orange/yellow colour which is used as a visual reminder that you are in design mode.
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