How to setup the email confirmation step


Email confirmation step is used to send an email to one or multiple people requesting that the recipients review the information provided and respond accordingly.

The email will contain a link that, when clicked, will load a secure Solvexia web page allowing the recipient to view a message, download an attached file, provide feedback and either 1) acknowledge receipt of the message or approve or 2) decline the message. Responses from recipients, including any feedback, are collected into a csv file and stored in the output section of this step.


1. Choose the email confirmation step from the action step panel and add the step
2. Configure the type of email confirmation to “Acknowledgement”
3. Configure the time window for this step. We choose 1 day here, which means all recipients need to repsond to this message within a day. If a recipient tries to respond after this time window, the system will redirect him or her to an error page
4. Set up the rules that all recipients need to acknowledge this message for the step to pass
5. Compose the message with 2 recipients, subject and email content
6. Run email confirmation step by click the “Save” button and then click the “Run” button of this step
7. Recipients recieved the confirmation email and click the link inside it
8. Recipients acknowledge the message
9. Step Passed after both recipients acknowledge this message and output is collected into the output section

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