Pivot tables are removed from the workbook

Pivot table structures are removed from the workbook after using some of file instructions and preserves only pivot table data.

Why does this happen?

It has been identified as limitation of one of our internal library that removes the Pivot table structure while processing the file using some of file instructions.

How to fix this

SolveXia has developed 2 file instructions called (1) Copy pivot table and (2) Refresh pivot tables to overcome this limitation and help in restoring the pivot tables back to working file after completing operations. We recommend to copy pivot tables from template file to working file after completing all required operations on the working file.

Below are steps that helps you in restoring the pivot table from template file to working file.

1. Prepare an MS Excel template file that has pivot tables and ensure correct source data range is referenced to pivot table. This template file is a separate copy that will act as the source file to copy pivot table structure.

2. Upload this template file in the file property in the data step. Once uploading template file, ensure that it is not linked to any file instruction.

3. Use “Copy step properties between steps” to copy just uploaded template file to another file property that acts as working file and use working file to run all file instructions in the process.

5. After completion of operations, add Copy pivot table instruction to copy pivot table from template file to working file. (Click here for more info on how to configure Copy pivot tables instruction)

6. Add Refresh pivot table instruction to refresh the pivot tables in the working file after copying instruction. (Click here for more info on how to configure Refresh pivot tables instruction)


These steps will copy the pivot tables structure from template file back to in your working file.

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