How to add a data step to a process


This article will explain how to add a data step to a process. A data step is used to specify the information items that a process will be using, such as files, input parameters and output result values. If you are familiar with programming, this is a lot like declaring variables. If you are not familiar with programming you can think of data steps as being the way we define the place-holders that a process will have access to for storing and managing data.

In order to add a data step to a process, you will need to have “modify” permissions on the process. If you created the process, you will automatically have this permission. If you did not create the process, you may need to contact the owner of the process.

To turn design mode on, you will first need to open a process. You can read more about how to this here. Once you have the process open that you want to change, please follow the steps below:


  • Turn on “Design mode” so that you can make structural changes to the process. You can read about how to do this here.
  • Right click in the blank area of the step-group to which you wish to add the data step.
  • Click onto “Add data step”, This will open a “Step Type Editor”; These three steps are displayed in the picture below
  • Type in the name for the data step
  • Drag and drop Items (Checkbox / List / Date / Decimal /……/Text Box) from ”Property Toolbox“ on to empty grid area; Step 4(four) and 5(five) are displayed in the picture below:
  • Highlight the dropped Item from grid, Go to “Property details” and type in the name for property
  • Click “Save” button, to save data step
  • Once the data step is saved, it will be displayed in the operation group; Steps 6(six) to 8(Eight) are displayed in the picture below
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