How to add an action step into process


Action steps are set of steps designed by SolveXia system to perform variety of operations, such as file manipulation, communicating via SMS or email, copy step properties and third party tools. SolveXia builds and add new action steps in the existing list of steps. This article will explain how to add an action step into the process. After completing this article, you will be able to add various action steps into the process.


1. From the tree on the left, double click on the process to open (you can read about this here).
2. Click on Design mode to enable design mode (you can read about this here)
3. Right click on the blank area within a step-group – this will bring up a context menu with options
Click on Add action step, This will open a Add action step window.

Add action step window shows list of all available action steps with the description at the bottom of the window. You can choose the action step that you like to work with and add in to your process. SolveXia continues to develop and add more action steps to this list.

4. Click on action step from the list on the left in Add action step window to select it.
5. Type in the name for the selected step. This name will be appear in the step-group. Normally this would include information about what type of operation step is going to perform. For example, if you choose Send an Email type of action step, then step name can be as Send completion message to credit control

6. You can also enter the detailed notes about the selected step in the large empty text box area. This notes will be appeared as popup once step is added to into the process.
7. Click on Add the selected step to my process button.

Once the step is added in the process, it will appear in the operation group as shown below.

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