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SolveXia Analytics & Reporting provides a simple way to create powerful reports based on managed tables. With the latest BI and data visualisation techniques, you can create reports that communicate and inform effectively.

This article will explain how to create a time-series chart. More specifically, the article will explain how to create a simple Line chart with date/time data on the x-axis and number data on the y-axis.

Before we get started

Before you start, please ensure that you have a managed table with at least one row of data. If you need help to create a managed table or to import data into a managed table, please refer to the articles below.

For the purposes of this article we will continue to use the example from the How to create a report with a pie chart tutorial.


1. Create a new Report with the managed table used in the How to create a report with a pie chart tutorial.

2. At the ‘Report Data’ stage, drag, from the ‘Data Field’ pane into the ‘Columns’] pane, the ‘AirlineInfo_Date’ field and then the ‘AirlineInfo_Amount’ field.

3. Aggregate the ‘AirlineInfo_Amount’ field.

4. Select ‘Chart only’ from the ‘Report Options’ pane.

5. Navigate to the ‘Preview’ stage.

6. Click anywhere in the blank chart area (anywhere within the boundaries of the dotted line).

7. From the ribbon, select the ‘Chart’ icon.

8. An options pane which allows users to select the type of chart they want to create will open up. The dropdown for ‘Chart Type’ should be set to ‘Column’ by default. Click on the dropdown.

9. Select ‘Line’ from the dropdown.

10. Click anywhere on the left-most icon to select the basic ‘Line’ chart as the Chart Format.

11. Click Save.

12. In the ‘Chart Data’ pane, within the ‘Label’ section, there is a dropdown which the user can use to select the Label (that is, the horizontal x-axis) for the Line chart. This dropdown should be set to ‘- – Select Field – -‘ by default. Click on this dropdown.

13. Select ‘AirlineInfo_Date’ from the dropdown.

14. The option to confirm whether the selected Label is a field populated by dates (that is, the option to confirm that the Label selected can be used as a Time Series) will appear. Tick the box.

15. In the ‘Chart Data’ pane, within the ‘Series’ section, tick the box next to ‘Sum AirlineInfo_Amount’. This will select the ‘Sum AirlineInfo_Amount’ field as the field from which the data corresponding to the date data in the ‘AirlineInfo_Date’ field will be drawn.

16. Click Refresh.

17. The chart will be generated:

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