How to create an aggregated field within a tabular report


SolveXia Analytics & Reporting provides a simple way to create powerful reports based on managed tables. With the latest BI and data visualisation techniques, you can create reports that communicate and inform effectively.

This article is a tutorial which will act as a guide to the creating of an aggregated field within a tabular report.

Before we get started

Before we start, please make sure that you have a managed table created and table has at least one row of data.
There are help articles to help you create your managed table and import data into it.

For the purposes of this article we will continue to use the Cookie Shop example from the Get started – create a tabular report . Again, you may want to replace the “CookieShop” managed table with a managed table of your own.


1. Imagine that the data loaded into the managed table which you will use to create the tabular report resembled the following image:

Imagine also, that we want the ‘Profit’ field to be aggregated, so that only the total profit for each year is shown in the tabular report.

2. Create a report. At the ‘Report Data’ stage, drag only the fields relating to ‘Year’ and ‘Profit’ from the ‘Data Fields’ pane to the ‘Columns’ pane.

3. Select the Column containing profit data.

4. Select the Sum icon.

5. Preview the report. The preview should resemble the following image:

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