How to cancel a running process


This article will explain how to stop a process that is running. Cancelling a running process allows you to stop the execution of steps within the currently loaded process. You might choose to do this several times while developing a process, when you notice that some aspect of the process results are incorrect, and you want to alter the process and try running it again.

When you cancel a running process, all steps that are currently executing and scheduled will be removed from the execution queue and be restored to their original state once the cancel request is processed.


    • Go to the “Run” tab on the tool bar at the top of the screen
  • Click on the “Cancel the current run” button. Please note that this button will only be enabled if the process is running, so if no steps within the process are currently running, or scheduled to run, you will not be able to click this button
  • The “Process is still running” confirmation window will appear – just to check that you really want to the cancel the running proces
  • Click on the “Stop running now” link. Steps 1-4 are pictured below
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