How to change your password


This article will explain how to change your password. Changing your password on a regular basis is an important part of maintaining the security of the processes and data you store. We reccomend changing your password at least once every 6 weeks.


  • Go to the “My Account” tab on the tool bar at the top of the screen
  • Click on the “Change my password” button
  • The “Change password” window will appear ; These three steps are pictured below

  • Type in your old password to verify that you have permission to change the password
  • Type in the password you would like to use in the “New password” box. Passwords must conform to the following rules in order to be accepted by the system:
    • A minimum of 10 characters long
    • A minimum of 1 numeral / digit (0 – 9)
    • A mixture of upper and lower case letters
    • The password cannot be one of the 12 prior passwords you have used

    You will need to type your chosen password again into the “Confirm password” box

  • Click on the “Reset my password” link. Provided your new password conforms to the rules listed above, the system will take about 5 seconds to reset your password.
  • Once the password has been reset, you will see a message on the password window confirming the change – and you then click the “click here to close this window” link. Your password has now been changed.
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