How to use alter worksheet protection

Alter worksheet protection is a file instruction under Excel Group that protect or unprotect the selected worksheet in an excel file.

Steps to Configure “Alter worksheet protection instruction

Protect worksheet

1. Open a process and turn on design mode

2. Load file manipulation step

3. Click on “Click here to select an instruction“, expand the excel group and select “Alter worksheet protection” instruction

4. Link an Excel file

5. Select a worksheet that you want to protect

6. Tick “Protect?” checkbox to protect the worksheet

7. Enter a password in the “New Password” field

8. Save and run the step

Fully configured Alter worksheet protection instruction to “protect worksheet” should look as shown below:

Un-protect worksheet

Alter worksheet protection instruction can also be used to un-protect worksheet. Below steps explain the steps to use unprotect the worksheet.

1. Follow steps 1 to 5 as mentioned in above steps.

2. Untick “Protect?” checkbox to unprotect the worksheet

3. Enter a password in the “Old Password” field

4. Save step details and Click on Run button

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