How to use copy rows selectively with rules


[highlight txt=’Copy rows selectively’] is one of the most widely used file instruction in SolveXia instructions library. It offers to copy rows that matches configured set of criteria. Instruction can copies multiple rows including duplicate rows from source to target when all specified conditions are met. [highlight txt=’Copy rows selectively’] –

  • Does not check for duplicate values in source
  • Does not require to match criteria in target to paste the rows
  • Runs successfully if no rows matches to specified source conditions
[message type=”warning”]For the purpose of this article we are going to use a simple and fictitious example of a source and target excel files. You will want to replace reference to the source & target excel files with files of your own.[/message]

For example, [highlight txt=’Copy rows selectively’] can copy selectively rows where (1) column C is equal to “TRUE” and (2) Column F is not equal to Female. Rest of the article explains how to configure the [highlight txt=’Copy rows selectively’] instruction to achieve result shows in Target file.


  • Load process
  • Turn on Design mode
  • Load file manipulation step
  • Click on blue text “No instruction has been selected yet, click here to select an instruction”
  • Click on ‘Excel group’, when popup opens with list of instructions
  • Select [highlight txt=’Copy rows selectively’]
  • Once you select [highlight txt=’Copy rows selectively’], step will display controls to configure an instruction with values
  • Click on Link button to ‘Link’ source Excel workbook from where you wish to copy rows. Once you click on ‘Link’ a file searcher will be opened that allows you to select an Excel file
  • Select Excel file, and click on [highlight txt=’Choose the selected item’] button at the bottom right corner of the file searcher. This action will link file in the source section
  • Now click on [highlight txt=’Link’] button of target section to link an excel workbook. Repeat step 9 and choose target workbook
  • Click on drop down button, and select source worksheet name from the drop down list
  • Click on Address drop down list and select ‘Advance range’ option to specify the source range
  • Enter ‘From Cell’ address as ‘A2’
  • Click on drop down list in [highlight txt=’To Cell’], select [highlight txt=’Last Cell in Col’] option, and enter column ‘A’ in first text box, and column ‘F’ in ‘as far as’ text box
  • In target section, click on target worksheet drop down list, and select target worksheet
  • Select Advance range option in the target section
  • Select the Address in [highlight txt=’From Cell’] option, and enter ‘I1’ as starting cell address from where instruction should start pasting selected rows
  • Select [highlight txt=’To fit source data’] option in ‘To Cell’ option

    Now in parameter section, you can configure set of conditions to be met for source rows to be copied to target file. Instruction contains a default condition that you can use. This example shows how to configure 2 conditions.
  • Enter column name C in the Column text box
  • Click on drop down list to select an operator. Select Equal operator for this example. You can choose any operator from the list
  • Enter value that should be checked in the condition
  • Click on Add button to add another condition, and repeat step 19 to 21 to configure second condition
  • Click on [highlight txt=’Save’] button to save step configuration
  • Once step details are saved, click on [highlight txt=’Run’] button to start running the step

    At this point rows will be copied to target worksheet.
  • Click on [highlight txt=’Download’] button to download a file, and view target worksheet
  • You will see following outcome for the above configured conditions
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