How to create a process run


This article will explain how to create a process-run (and how a “process run” is different from running a process). A “process run” is a term used to describe what happens when you take a complete copy of your process – and run it from end to end. The process-run does not change the files from the original process – as everything about the process is copied before it is run – all the steps, all the parameters and all the files.

The most common scenario for creating process-runs is that the business wants to preserve a snapshot of the weekly or monthly results of running the process. For example, many organisations choose to keep their monthly reporting data in separate process-runs (“January results” , “February results” etc…). These process-runs serve as unalterable reference points for how results were derived. This not only delivers improved confidence, in many industries it is required by auditing, compliance and regulatory agents.

A process run can be opened just like a process, and you can open all the steps in the process-run in just the same way you would with a normal process. There is a visual difference however between processes and process-runs; processes have a dark blue title bar on the step groups, whereas process-runs have an orange title bar – this is just to help remind you which type of process you are working on.

You can view the process-runs associated with a process by looking in the ”Runs” folder under a process (if there are no process-runs this folder will not be visible). You can open process-runs just like you open a process, and you can open and inspect steps. When a new process-run is created, you will see it appear under this ”Runs” folder. In order to create a process-run, please follow the steps below:


  • Open the process that you want to create a process-run for (you can read about how to do this here). Once the process is open, the process will be highlighted in blue and the operation the operation panel will load groups and steps of open process. Below is a picture illustrating a loaded process.
  • Go to the “Run” tab on the tool bar
  • Click on the “Run this process” button
  • The “Run process” window will appear. Step 2, 3 and 4 are pictured below
  • Fill the description textbox with anything you want to comment on this process run
  • Click the checkbox “Create a new process-run”. When you select this option, a process-run is created and the system will run this instead of the currently open process for you
  • Click on the “Run” link
  • A Progress window will appear while the system is processing this process run. This window will be closed automatically once the server successfully acknowledges your request
  • When the progress window disappears, the blue highlight will shift to the newly created process-run
  • A progress bar will appear above the operation groups. Step 5-10 are pictured below
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