How to create a step that will send an email


This article will explain how to get a process to send email messages to recipients that you choose when it is running. Common uses for this feature include:

    • having the process send the results of the process to team members or other teams that consume the results
  • having the process send start and finish messages, which helps kept stakeholders informed
  • having the process send interim results during the execution of the process, particularly long running processes

This is achieved by adding an action step to the process while in design mode. The step type is called “Send an email”. To do this please follow the steps below:


  • Open the process you wish to add the email step to (you can read about this here). You will then need to enable design mode (you can read about this here)
  • Right click on the blank area within a step-group – this will bring up a menu
  • Click “Add action step”, This will open a “Add action step” window; These three steps are displayed in the picture below
  • Click on “Send an Email” from the “Add action step” window
  • Type in the name for the step – normally this would include information about what is being sent and to whom. For example (“Send exception report to finance“)
  • Click on “Add the selected step to my process” link which can be found at the bottom of the window
  • Once the step is added in the process, it appears in the operation group; these steps from 4(four) to 7(seven) are displayed in the picture below
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