How to create managed table


SolveXia provides simple way to create an SQL table on SolveXia system and store large amount of data. It is called “Managed table”. Managed table is used to store large amount of historical data, store periodic data, retrieve block of data based on specific criteria, for data analysis and much more.


1. Login to SolveXia system
2. Expand “Managed tables” folder
3. Right click on Managed table, and click on “Add a folder
4. Right click on just added folder and click on “Rename folder
5. Enter the name of your choice and hit Enter key
6. Right click on just added folder and choose “Create a table“. (A new Table designer will open in the main working area)

Above steps will add a folder under “Managed Table section”, where you can create and   organize the managed tables

7. Enter the table name of your choice (Refer to rules for table name)
8. Click on ‘Add‘ link to add columns one by one OR enter numbers of columns you like in the table and then click on “Add many” button
9. Enter the column names for each of the column (Refer to rules for column names)
10. Click on drop-down button and select data type for the column
11. Tick check-box, if column is key column

12. Use Options to

  • Un-tick checkbox if column cannot be empty
  • Enter default values in the column when column cannot be empty and
  • Enter length of text for “Fixed length text data type column

13. Click on “Save” button


Above steps will add a managed table under “Sample Managed Table” folder, as shown in above image.

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