How to import data from text file to access table


[highlight txt=’Import from text file’] is a file instruction that allows to import data from text file into the MS Access table. Instruction offers to import data which are separated by comma, tab or other custom delimiter. There are two instructions that allow to import data from text or CSV file into the MS Access table – (1) [highlight txt=’Import from text file’] in Access group and (2) [highlight txt=’Export to Access’] in Text group.


1. From the left on the screen, expand your folder and open a process.

2. From the tool bar on the top of the screen, click on [highlight txt=’Design mode’] button to go in to edit mode.

3. Click on file manipulation step to open the step.

4. Click on [highlight txt=’Click here to select an instruction’] to open the file instruction selector. This will open small dialog that will allow to select the file instruction from the different group.

5. Click on [highlight txt=’Access’] group to expand the group and click on [highlight txt=’Import from text file’] instruction to select it.

6. Click on [highlight txt=’Link’] button on the source side to link the text or CSV file type. This file should contain at least one row of data separated by comma, tab or other custom delimiter.

7. Click on [highlight txt=’Link’] button on the target side to link the MS Access database file that contains table.

8. Click on drop down list of table name and select a table where you like to import data from the text file.

9. There are 3 options when importing data from text or CSV file into the MS Access table.

[highlight txt=’Source contains headings?’] – Tick this check box if selected source text or csv file contains columns heading row.

[highlight txt=’Recreate table structure?’] – Tick this check box, if you want to recreate the target access table structure. This option is helpful when data in selected text or CSV file is different than target table structure and it is easy way to create the access table based on the data in source file.

[highlight txt=’Clear old data?’] – Tick this check box if selected target table should be cleared before importing the new data. Instruction will import data at the end of the existing data in the table – if this option is not ticked.

10. Choose the appropriate delimiter that is used to separate the column data in the selected source text or csv file. If data is separated using custom delimiter then choose [highlight txt=’Custom’] option and type in the custom delimiter.

11. Click on [highlight txt=’Save’] button to save the configured step detail.

12. Click on [highlight txt=’Run’] button to run the step. Running this step will import data into the target MS Access table.

The completely configured instruction should look as shown in below image.

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