How to import from text file to managed table

Import from Text” in Managed Tables Group is an instruction that allows to import data from a text file into the managed table.


It is required to have managed table with the same numbers of columns as the data separated by delimiter in the text file. Below is an example of data into an text file and related managed table structure. If do not have managed table created already, then refer to this article on how to create managed table.

Steps to configure Import from Text instruction

1. Load a process and turn on Design mode

2. Load file manipulation step

3. Click on “Click here to select an instruction”

4. Expand the Managed Tables group and Select “Import from Text” instruction.

5. Click on Link button of the source side and select an Text file, that you want to export to managed table

6. Click on Link button of the target side and select a managed table

7. Tick the “Source contains headings?” check box, if selected text file contains heading row and tick the “Clear old data?” check box, if selected target managed table should be cleared before importing the new data.

8. Choose the delimiter that is used to separate data in the source text file.

8. Click on Save button to save the step detail.

12. Click on Run button to run the step.

After step completes successfully, selected text file data will be imported into the target managed table.

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