How to open an existing process


This article will explain how to open a process that already exists. The most common scenarios where you might want to open an existing process include (a) continuing with some process design work you have already started (b) to generate a process specification report (c) to alter the security settings for the process and (d) to run the process and/or work with it’s outputs.


All processes are listed in the tree control on the left of the screen. They are organised in much the same way that files are organised in your local directory when using file-explorer. Referring to the diagram below – follow these steps to open an existing process:

  • Navigate through the tree control by expanding branches. This can be done by clicking on the smaller triangle shape highlighted in the picture below
  • Once you find the process you want to open, double click on it
  • Once the process is loaded, you will see the process steps and step groups opened at the bottom of the screen. The currently open process will be highlighted in blue in the tree control
  • ( Alternative ) If you have a large number of processes in your environment, you can search for a process by typing part of its name into the search box at the top of the process tree. In this example, we have typed the word ‘Actuarial’. Note that this search is case sensitive and you need to type in 4 or more letters
  • The tree control will automatically highlight processes that have all or part of the word you typed into the search box. You then can double click on the one that you are looking for
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