How to run a process


This article will explain how to run a process. The term “running a process” means to execute all steps from first step to the last step of the process. You will want to run a process when you are developing it, to test if it functions end-to-end as you expect. You will also want to run the process end to perform the business functions you have design this process for.

Steps will be run starting with the first step (numbered 1.1) and continue until all steps that can be run are run. Steps can have dependencies established between them, and any given step will only run when all of its dependencies (if any) are satisfied. For most processes, if you are looking at the open process, the order of running is normally from left-to-right from top-to-bottom, much like reading a book. As steps complete successfully, the small status icon next to the step will turn green. If a step fails, or issues a warning, you will see red/yellow warning icons as appropriate.


  • Open the process that you want to run (you can read about how to this here). Once the process is open, the process will be highlighted in blue and the operation the operation panel will load groups and steps of loaded process. Below is a picture illustrating an open process. For more information about how to open an existing process, please check this article “How to open an existing process
  • Go to the “Run” tab on the tool bar
  • Click on the “Run this process” button
  • The “Run process” window will appear. Step 2, 3 and 4 are pictured below
  • Fill the description textbox with comments that you may want associated with this run of the process in the future (e.g. “this is a test run of the new ABC calculation routine”)
  • Click on the “Run” link
  • A window will appear while the system is getting ready to start this run. This window will be closed automatically (usually after 15 seconds) once the server has successfully prepared the new run and started it
  • When the progress window disappears, a progress bar will appear above the operation groups along with text that indicate the status of the process run. Step 5-8 are pictured below
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