How to see all the files a process uses


This article explains how list all the files that a process uses. This is a useful way of understanding the interactions that a process might have with other processes – as well helping providing a clear insight into the information being managed and produced by a process.

There are 2 ways to know how many files are used in the process. (1) Expand the Files folder and review the list and (2) Review the “Files used in this process” section in Process specification report


  • Open the process you wish to review – you can read about how to do this here
  • When you expand the process – if it has any files associated with it, there will be a “Files” folder visible. Click on this “Files” folder to expand the list of files used in the loaded process. This list is organized in alphabetic order
  • You can also see the file size, created and last modified date by using your mouse and “hovering” over the filename. If you double click on the file, system will start downloading the file (See below)

    An alternative way to review list of files used in the process is by reviewing Files used in this process section in Process specification report.
  • Open a process specification report for loaded process – you can read about how to do this here
  • Scroll down to the heading “Files used in this process“. This section of the report lists the file name, size, and date last modified as well as the step name and property name from where the file is uploaded (i.e. which data step the file comes from). You will notice that there is a link alongside each listed file that allows you to generate a file history report for the file as well. You can read more about how to generate a file history report here.
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