How to set process level alerts and suppress at individual step

What does setting process level alerts do?

When you have a process designed and you do expect to run it end to end without fail. But it seems, sometimes the factors involved in the process are “difficult to predict” that the designed process would fail to achieve desired outcome. When such event of “unexpected / expected failure” occurs while running process or group of steps, You would want or wish to get notified the very moment of the failure. Setting process level alerts ON notifies the person via SMS or Email upon step failure (when “group of steps”/”process” is submitted for run)

When you might want to use this:

When you have a process that runs “unattended”, e.g. daily, weekly, monthly or scheduled;
When you have a long running process, that you can’t keep “actively watch” the process being run;

When you have step which holds the “Success” of the process, and you would want to get notified almost immediately upon step failure to diagnose the issue and fix it ASAP.

Now, you can set the alerts either SMS or Email at process level; so that when any step fails, system sends an alert to configured mobile number and email address.
Following steps show you, how you can set the “process level alerts”:

1. Right click on the process
2. Click on “Edit process properties”


3.   Tick “Send alerts when process fails” (by default, this is false/unticked) and supply mobile number, email address of the person to be notified
4.   Save the process properties


Now, You may have some steps within process, that are meant to fail and you do not want to get alerts to be sent for that particular step. Well, there is a way to suppress the alerts for particular step.

5. Open any step in “Design mode”. You will see a tickbox “Suppress (SMS/Email) alerts” under “Step Processing Limits”; By default, this is “unticked”, you can tick the box to suppress the SMS/Email alerts for that particular step

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