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Mail merge is an action step in the SolveXia system that allows to send an email to list of recipients listed in an excel workbook. Mail Merge step also allows to include custom type messages in the body of an email. Custom message can be extracted from the (1) Data step property and / or (2) corresponding cell of excel worksheet. This article guides you on how to add and set up the mail merge step in the process.

Before we get started

Before we start creating and setting up mail merge step, please ensure that you have an excel file uploaded in the process that contains at least one record with valid email address.

Please create a sample excel file with the data as shown in below image, which is an example of the data in the excel file that can be used for the Mail Merge action step.

[message type=”warning”]For the purpose of this article we are going to use a simple and fictitious example of an excel file that contains 2 records of data with email addresses. You will want to replace reference to the this excel file with an excel file of your own.[/message]


1. Expand the folder from left on the screen and double click on a process to open a process.

2. Click on a data step that contains empty file upload download control. If you do not have a data step with the file upload download control, then add a data step with a file upload download control.

3. Click on [highlight txt=’Upload’] button to upload this file in the file upload-download control. Click on [highlight txt=’Save’] button to upload the file.

4. Click on [highlight txt=’Design mode’] button from the tool bar on the top.

5. Add a mail merge action step into the process. To get help on how to add mail merge type of action step, please refer to this article.

6. Click on just added step to open the step.

Mail merge step is divided in 3 sub-steps and at bottom of the step shows the output section that contain log file of last successful run of the step. Below steps are organized in the sub-steps.

[highlight txt=’Step 1 – Choose who will receive this mail’]

7. Click on [highlight txt=’Step 1 – Choose who will receive this mail’] text to expand the sub-step 1.

8. Click on [highlight txt=’Link’] button to link an excel file that contains the email address(es).

9. Click on worksheet drop down list and select a worksheet that contains email address and any relevant information.

10. Set up the advanced range that starts from the first cell of the range and covering to the last cell in column of the range. Range address can also be range name or fixed range, such as from cell address to cell address.

11. Tick [highlight txt=’Source data has headings’] check box if the selected range address contains the heading row information.

12. Select the column number that contains email address from the numeric up-down control. For example, selected source range contains 5 columns of data and 2nd column contain email address(es) then select 2 in the numeric up-down control.

[highlight txt=’Step 2 – Create a template mail message’] – This is where you set up the content of an email such as subject, body and attachments.

13. Type in the subject text of the mail merge step. You can also link the data step property with the subject line with the property value of the data step by clicking the [highlight txt=’Link’] button next to the Subject field.

14. Enter the text content in the Template area. There are few text formatting options that you can use to format the text of written content.

15. Click on [highlight txt=’Insert Field’] button in the tool bar of template to add custom place holder to get value from the property of data step.

16. Click on [highlight txt=’Insert ColumnRef’] button in the tool bar of template to add custom place holder to get value from the corresponding cell of the selected range in the Excel file. Click on the column reference place holder to choose the column number from the range address.

17. To add attachment(s), click on [highlight txt=’Add an attachment’] button and select the file to be attached. There is a limit of total 20 MB for attachments.

Completed sub-step 2 should look as shown in below image.

Steps 18 to 20 are optional. These steps are to preview the email content in read-only mode.

18. Click on [highlight txt=’Preview’] button to see the preview of an email. This will turn current view of mail merge step into read-only preview of an email. Preview will get the total number of rows from the selected source range and will show that many numbers of preview.

19. Click on [highlight txt=’Next’] button to go to the next preview of an email.

20. Click on [highlight txt=’Go back to edit’] button to go back to editing the mail merge step.

[highlight txt=’Step 3 – Set how this mail will be sent’] – This is section allows to configure how the email should be sent to recipient.

21. Click on [highlight txt=’HTML’] option button – if you like to send an email as regular email. This will show template content in the body of an email.

Alternatively, choose [highlight txt=’PDF Attachment’] option button – if you like to send an email as an attachment email. Enter the text to be appeared in the body of an email. Selecting this option creates a PDF document of the composed template and sends an email as an attachment called [highlight txt=’EmailContent.pdf’].

22. Click on [highlight txt=’Save’] button to save the content of the step.

23. Click on [highlight txt=’Run’] button to run the step and send email(s). Running this step may take longer depending on the list of email recipients and size of attached files.

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