How to turn off Security Information Bar and enable file download in IE

Security Information Bar appears in internet explorer when downloading a file from internet. This happens due to enhanced security configuration on Internet explorer that does not prompt to download file into your computer. Below are steps you can follow to (1) add SolveXia to trusted sites, (2) turn off Information Bar and (3) enable files downloading from SolveXia platform.

Steps to add in trusted websites

1. Click on Tools and open Internet Options.

2. Go to “Security” tab. and click on “Trusted sites“.

3. Click on “Sites” button.

4. Type and click on “Add” button

5. Click on Close button.


Steps to enable file download and turning off Security Information Bar

6. Click on “Custom level…” button.

7. Find File Download section and choose Enable for File download. ( You may see “Automatic prompting for file downloads” option in “Downloads” section for Internet Explorer 7 or older version. Choose Enable option for this).

8. Find “Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls” option in “ActiveX controls and plug-ins” section and choose Enable option.

9. Click OK

10. Click “Yes” in Warning dialog.

11. Click OK to close the Internet Options dialog.

This changes will allow you to download the files from SolveXia platform and turn off Security Information Bar.

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