How to update cell value


[highlight txt=’Update cell value’] excel instruction allows to update values in excel file in single cell address or range of cells. [highlight txt=’Update cell value’] instruction allows to link multiple excel files, which means instruction can update the values in multiple excel files.

[message type=”warning”]For the purpose of this article we are going to use a simple and fictitious example of a excel file name. You will want to replace excel file with the file name of your own.[/message]


1. Expand the folder from left on the screen and double click on a process to open a process.

2. Click on file manipulation step to open it.

3. Click on [highlight txt=’Click here to select an instruction’], select [highlight txt=’Update cell value’] instruction from Excel group.

4. In instruction detail, click on [highlight txt=’Link’] button on the target workbook to link an excel file. You may link multiple excel files by repeating this step-4.

5. Worksheet names from the linked excel file will be populated in the drop down list. Click on worksheet drop down list and select the excel worksheet.

6. Enter a single cell address OR select Advanced range from the drop down option, and enter the range address that you like to update.

There are 2 options to get the value to update in excel file(s) :

(1) Literal – You can choose and enter value in this field.
(2) Input\Output of another step – This option retrieves the value from properties of the data step.

[highlight txt=’To use Literal’]

7. Click on relevant type of input option from available options of String, Date, Number, Decimal or True/False.

[highlight txt=’Input\Output of another step’]

8. Click on [highlight txt=’Input\Output of another step’] option. Step property searcher will open.

9. Click on a data step from the result list that contains property you want to link in this instruction. Once you click on a data step, properties with the values will appear within the step searcher.

10. Select the property from the opened popup within searcher.

11. Click on [highlight txt=’Choose the selected property’].

12. Click on [highlight txt=’Save’] button the save the step details.

13.Click on [highlight txt=’Run’] button to run the step.

Completely configured [highlight txt=’Update cell value’] excel instruction will look like as shown in below image. After running the instruction, cell address / range of cells will be updated with the selected value.

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