How to view a file history

This article will explain how to view a file history report. This report is used when you want to understand what changes have been made to a file over time. It also offers you links to download prior versions of the file – thereby giving you the ability to “rollback” to a previous file version if you need to. Many industries have auditing, compliance and regulatory agents that require them to maintain detailed change histories on critical elements of business data. This report satisfies these demands.

To create a file history reports, please follow the steps below;


  • Open the process that owns the file you are interested in – you can read more about how to open a process here
  • Click on the button “File history report” on the tool bar at the top of the screen (this is in the the “Documentation” group)
    Once you click on “File history report” button, a search window will open that will show list of all files in the process. You can search for file with 2 ways:

    • Click on Criteria, and enter the name of the file in Name contains text box, and click on Run search, and then choose the file from the result
    • Scroll through the list of file, select the file and click on Choose selected item
  • Scroll through the list of files
  • Select the file from the list
  • Click on Choose selected item

    Click on the link “Choose selected item“, a separate browser window will open with the File History Report. You can view this report for specific date range, and print this report as well. A file history report looks like the image below:
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