How to view a process flowchart


This article will explain how to generate a flowchart for a process. A flowchart of the process can be useful when teaching or explaining other people how a process is organised. Because the flowchart is generated in “real time” based on the current specification for the process, you can be confident that the flowchart is both accurate and up to date.

The process flowchart report shows complete flow of process between steps along with view of dependencies between steps. Flowchart report also helps in analyse the flow of the process and allow to view files associated with the step.


  • Open the process that you want to view as a flowchart – you can read about how to this here
  • Click on “Generate flowchart” on the toolbar at the top of the screen, this can be found in the tab group “Home
  • A new browser window will open and the process flowchart will open. Note that because this is being generated at the instant you ask for it, it can take up to 30 seconds to fill the window with details if the process is large or complex
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