How to view changes made to a process


This article explains how to view the changes that have occurred in a process over time. You may wish to do this in order to understand how a business process has changed, or to identify why process results are different from historical or expected values. In some environments, auditors, compliance officers and other regulatory agents ask for documentation about the changes that have occurred to selected processes over time. In each of these scenarios, you will find being able to produce an accurate specification of how a process was at a given point in time useful.

The production of an historical process specification is almost identical to the steps for getting a current process specification, which you can read about here. You start by getting the current process specification, then scroll down to the “Change History” section. This section summarises the changes that have been applied to the process over time. Alongside a description of each change, there is a link that allows you to create a full historical specification of the report at the time this change was made. This produces a report that is identical in format to the [current] process specification – however all the data is “as at” the time of the change.
To view process changes and view an historical report – please follow the steps below.


  • Open the process which you would like to review (you can read about doing this here).
  • Click on “Generate process” document button on the toolbar at the top of the screen. This is on the “Home” tab in the “Documentation” group.
  • Once you click on “Generate Process” document, a new browser window will be opened to display the specification report (pictured below)
  • Go to “Change History” section at the bottom of the report
  • Click on “As of this change” link from the listed change summaries
  • A separate browser window will be opened that will display a “Historical Snapshot” of the process specification report as of chosen change date
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