How to work with Excel Editor


This article is a tutorial that will take you to edit your excel file with our built in Excel Editor.

Before we get started

Our brower based Excel Editor will look and feel similar to Microsoft Excel, however, it is not Microsoft Excel due to the limitation of the browser.  Before we start editing our excel file with Excel Editor, please make sure:

  • The file that we are going to edit is less than 256KB.  The edit link will remain disabled if the Excel file size is great than 256 KB.
  • Not all the Excel features are supported.  For example, we do not support chart, graphs, form controls, and pivot tables in Excel Editor.
  • Not all functions in Microsoft Excel are supported in Excel Editor.
  • Only xls and xlsx type of Excels are supported at the moment.



1. Load a data step with an Excel file that is less than 256 KB

2. Click “Edit” link.  The Excel Editor will pop up and you can make changes in it in a similar fassion like in Microsoft Excel.

3. Click the close button from the top tight conor of Excel Editor once you have finished the editing.
Configure the report
4. The status of the file will become “pending” in data step.
Configure the report
5. To save your change back to database, click the “save” button in the top right section of the data step
Configure the report

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