How to write queries for the expert query editor

This article will explain what expert query editor is and how to use it.  Expert query editor provide a way for users to type in sql queries to interact with Managed tables or MS Access.  With expert query editor, you can perform select, update, delete and insert queries on multiple tables at the same time.  You can also put conditions to filter your query result or customize your query.

This facility opens up a panel with a text box for you to type in query and a list of tables available for use in query.  To open the expert query editor window, please follow the steps below:


  1. Click “View/Edit SQL” link in the SQL related instructions.
  2. Once “View/Edit SQL” link is clicked,  a new panel will popup with a text box and a list of tables available for use in query. In the text box, you can type in  the query that you want to run.
  3. Please note: all table names must be wrapped with square brackets.  As shown in the picture below, the table name “Tickets” is wrapped with square brackets (“[Tickets]”) in the query.  Square brackets is recommended to be used around table names and column names in SQL syntax.  The reason we made it mandatory is because we need it to parse the query and make sure it is safe to run in our system.

    In addition, we recommand you wrap all table names in your query with “{[” and “]}” if you are experiencing any problem running your query. The reason is “{[]}” has higher priority than just square bracket. This will be extremely useful if you have a column name save as a table name amongst the tables available to you.

    For example, if you have a query:
    Select [Manager].Name from [Manager], [Staff] where [Manager].[ID] = [Staff].[Manager] .

    You would need to change the query to the following format in order to get it work:
    Select {[Manager]}.Name from {[Manager]},{[Staff]} where {[Manager]}.[ID] = {[Staff]}.[Manager]

  4. Click “Save” link to save your query or click “cancel” link if you do not want you save your query.

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