How We Help Executives and Senior Managers

How we help executives and senior managers

How we help executives and senior managers

Thank you for taking a moment to see how we help executives and senior managers transform their businesses through process automation. Instead of rolling out a crafted sales pitch, or asking you to fill in a questionnaire, we simply want to provide you with insights that  will help you in your business. Our insights include:

  • How our technology helps different senior roles in an organisation
  • Key critical questions of what CIO’s should ask when doing an automation project
  • The top 10 reasons why automation projects fail

Our mission is to help businesses transform into more productive and profitable enterprises through process automation. Our approach is refreshing, and is working for many large organisations in different industries.  If you want us to further share our expertise in this field, please call us.

1 – Summary of how we can help you in your role

CIO and Owners - thumbnail CEOs and business owners can achieve increased profitability, market differentiation and enhanced shareholder value through process automation. By automating key processes, CEOs change the operations “DNA” of their organisations.
Click to download how we help CEOs & Business Owners
 CIO & IT managers Thumbnail Through the SolveXia model, CIOs and IT managers gain the ability to deliver world-class solutions to their organisations faster and at a lower cost that the traditional in-house development projects or enterprise software purchases.
Click to download how we help CIOs & IT Managers
 CFO's& Financials controllers Process automation enables CFOs and Financial Controllers to increase the speed and accuracy of their team’s work, while freeing up staff to spend more time on higher-value tasks.
Click to download how we help CFOs & Financial Controllers
 CROs & Risks managers With more pressure than ever on CROs to mitigate risk across human, financial and operational domains, business process automation allows you to increase the accountability, control and transparency of your business processes while meeting regulatory requirements. Click to download how we help CROs & Risk Managers
 COOs & Operation managers Achieving operational excellence is a key goal for any COO. Organisations pursuing operational excellence value predictable, reliable, resilient and repeatable execution of processes.  Click to download how we help COOs & Operations Managers

2 – What CIO’s (or any project manager) should ask when doing an automation project

All the normal rules of good project management apply to running a project designed to deliver process automation. We have learnt however that there are additional questions that you should ask that are specific to process automation projects. This paper lists and explains these questions.

Click to download this white paper – “What the best CIOs ask when implementing process automation projects”

3 – The top 10 reasons why automation projects fail

We have built up a wealth of experience helping clients deliver process automation projects, and seen what works and what doesn’t. In the whitepaper below we have captured what in our view are the 10 most common reasons for a process automation project to become challenged, or worse, fail. It is worth noting that this is not specific to any particular technology or IT vendor, so it will insightful whether you are delivering a project using in-house technology, traditional ERP or a solution like SolveXia.

SolveXia-Process automation-Top ten reasons why process automation projects fail

Contact Us

We hope you have found this information useful. We are always happy to talk to people about process automation, regardless of whether they are likely to become a client or not. We are happy to expand on the the things we have learnt and documented in these whitepapers, and we are happy to share with you our perspective on specific projects you might be working on – obligation free. We believe there it can be valuable for everyone just to connect and share experiences, so that everybody learns. We are happy to If you share this view, please use the ‘Contact Us’ button to the left of this page to reach out.

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