Life actuarial month-end



Does your month-end actuarial process have any of these problems:

  • Manual, Excel-driven handling of model point data, assumptions and results (e.g. from FIS)?
  • Inconsistent / silo’d processes for calculating policy liabilities, capital and value?
  • Incomplete or sometimes inaccurate data creeping into your model runs?
  • Taking way too long to complete?

Use SolveXia to improve the quality of data for your month end actuarial processes, embed industry leading controls and ensure consistent, fast and surprise-free financial reporting.

The SolveXia solution
Data driven preparation of model point data and assumptions
Automated reporting and analytics
Simple, transparent processing and audit controls



Data collection and format
  • Input data in any delimited format (csv, text), Excel or Access database
  • Common inputs include policies and claims, general ledger extracts, spreadsheets, external assumptions (e.g. Bloomberg) and internal assumptions
  • Users can upload files directly into the process. Alternatively files can be collected via secure FTP or via direct connections to source systems (configured as needed)
  • Variables, such as tolerances for variances can be easily captured via input forms
Input data validation
  • Confirmation that source data is in the correct format (column structure and data types)
  • Profiling of source data for errors and critical changes (e.g. new products, new files etc.)
Preparation of model point data & triggering of model run
  • Ability to process a batch (e.g. zip) of input files in multiple formats and structures
  • Mapping of all input data to a common “master” managed table
    Data-driven validation, corrections and transformations (e.g. change all instances of “female” to “f”)
  • Storage and management of assumption files and ability to generate “assumption sets”
    Automatic extraction of model point data and assumption files for model runs
  • Model run triggered via API call (e.g. Prophet)
Collection of model run results and preparation of reporting
  • Model run results can be automatically copied to solution via SFTP or uploaded by users (into SolveXia)
  • Results copied to a SQL data repository (managed table)
  • Results attached / linked to their corresponding records in the model point data (i.e. link inputs to projected cashflows)
  • Generate reporting for Policy Liabilities, Capital, Embedded Value, Analysis of profit, analysis of change and journals
Distribution of results
  • Outputs can be downloaded or accessed by users (from SolveXia) or can be sent via email or FTP
  • Option to integrate with other adminstration systems/data warehouses
Exception reporting and audit trails
  • Exception reports, sent as alerts to designated users
  • Ability to generate specification document that outlines the end-to-end process
  • Full audit history and version control of all data loaded into the solution
  • Change history, showing any changes made to the process, including timestamp and user.

Getting Started

Seen enough? Want to know how to get started with your actuarial month-end using SolveXia?

The typical journey taken by many of our current customers using this solution involves:

  1. An initial meeting to understand your specific needs (contact us to get started)
  2. A small, yet meaningful proof of concept exercise
  3. Business, Legal, IT and Procurement sign-off for licensing of SolveXia and any implementation
  4. Initial analysis and design. This will most likely require stepping through your existing solution (such as reviewing Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, scripts and procedure documents) and talking to relevant stakeholders to design a solution that meets their needs
  5. Implementation of your solution. Depending on your needs, timelines and project methodology this can be done in a phased approach, as a series of agile sprints or as a full delivery of the end-to-end solution
  6. Training of your staff to use the solution in SolveXia
  7. Review, audit and parallel running of your solution
  8. Ongoing support and maintenance

Note, Step 4 onwards can be performed by SolveXia analysts as well as your internal resources (with training) or a third party (i.e. one of our consulting partners).

Why use SolveXia for your actuarial month end?

Significant time savings

Use the days of time savings to perform more analysis on your results or simply reallocate the time to more value add tasks

End-to-end automation

Collect and validate policy, claims, GL and assumption data (in any format), prepare model point data, trigger runs, collect results and prepare and securely distribute reports and analytics.

Simplify your month-end

Data preparation rules managed via simple tables that are accessible and maintainable by the business.

Enforce data quality & rules

Enforce checks such as checking data formats and structures as well as reasonable checks on content (e.g. has the age of the policyholder changed by more than 1 month) etc.

Scale for new products and source systems

Adapting to new source file formats and structures is made simple with the use of centralised and structured “rules” tables.

Audit trails and documentation

Changes to business rules, processing logic and data are recorded and can be reported on. Live/up-to-date documentation can be generated at any time which describes the end-to-end process (e.g. to an auditor).

Save time. Improve data quality. Empower your decision making.

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