New Features and Enhancements:

April 2017

  • Various bug fixes and behind-the-scene improvements

March 2017

  • Enhanced auto-clean policy. New option to retain only X versions of historical files within processes and runs.
  • Enhanced the Run Excel Calculation Model step to have an option to copy values (instead of formulas)
  • Migrated to SSD drives for step processing engines for increased performance.
  • Various bug fixes and behind-the-scene improvements

January 2017

  • Updated various apps for new logo
  • Various bug fixes and behind-the-scene improvements

December 2016

  • Upgraded Excel Manipulation components to new version
  • Various bug fixes and behind-the-scene improvements

August 2016

  • Ability to ignore header rows when importing from text to managed table
  • Ability to dynamically update the credentials for an SFTP account from data
  • Various bug fixes and behind-the-scene improvements

June 2016

  • Ability to self-service a password reset
  • Better integration from within a SolveXia process to native SQL server tables (in addition to Managed Tables)
  • In the multiple file instructions step, you can now add a maximum of 9 instructions instead of 6

February 2016

  • Improvements to the SQL editor
  • Custom “From” address for emails
  • Increased maximum file size for “Run Generic Executable” step
  • Various bug fixes and behind-the-scene improvements

November 2015

  • Enhanced warning message when SolveXia is down for planned maintenance
  • Upgraded Excel manipulation components to a new version (5% performance improvement)
  • Ability to copy linked managed tables when copying a process
  • Various bug fixes and behind-the-scene improvements

October 2015

  • Allow for wildcards to be used when collecting files from SFTP
  • Enhanced historical run statistics for action steps
  • Various bug fixes and behind-the-scene improvements

August 2015

  • Set user permissions in bulk (this allows you to select a user and then tick the different processes, tables and reports that you would like them to be able to access)
  • Dynamically update your drop-down lists using data from your process

July 2015

  • To make the reporting even easier, you can now convert your ZIP of Excel files into PDF documents via a single step
  • Enhanced mail merge (you can now send specific files to each of your unique email recipients in single step)

May 2015

  • Connector for Salesforce
  • IATA have announced that they will be rolling out a new format of HOT files (DISH 22) over the next few months. We have upgraded our HOT file step-type so that it will automatically detect and read both new and old formats.

November 2014

  • Create table snapshot – File instruction in Managed table category
    • This feature allows to backup managed tables. It also allows designers to configure the managed table backups by adding steps in the process.
  • Select data from managed table to text / CSV file
    • This instruction allows to export selectively data from managed table using SELECT statement to text and/or CSV files using different separators.
  • New action step to rename process-run
    • This is a new action step type. This step allows process designer to rename process-run dynamically by retrieving values either from cell in excel file or from data step property. This step is designed to run only in process-run. This feature will allow to better organize the runs in the folder.
  • Improvement in the query editor
    • Query editor was improved with bug fixes.

30th September 2014

  • Enhancement to Excel Instruction Selector
    • An improvement was made by categorizing the excel instructions into a group.
  • Color code the SQL keywords and system reserved words
    • An improvement was made in the SQL query editor to color code the SQL keywords, table & column names and SVX system reserved words.
  • Yellowfin upgrade
    • Yellowfin was upgraded from 7.0 to 7.1. It has many features improvements.

12th September 2014

  • Ability to preview data in Managed Tables and Virtual Tables
    • This feature allows process designers to preview the data in Managed Tables and Virtual Tables in the system without needing to export data to Excel or Access. This will help to boost productivity when working and designing the processes, and Virtual Tables.
  • Yellowfin upgraded to 7.0
    • SolveXia integrates a leading end user BI tool called Yellowfin. This feature upgrade brings new look and to the Yellowfin report builder. It also improves the speed of refreshing the analytical reports and dashboards.
  • Enhancements to all file instructions
    • An icon is displayed on the file instructions that support linking multiple files for manipulation. This enables single steps to manipulate multiple like files simultaneously.
  • New step dependency
    • “Process step if [step name] skipped” is added to the list of dependencies – This allows process designer to configure the process to run steps when linked step is skipped. It is an exception to the nature of skip dependency. This dependency will prove to be powerful enough to resolve complex process flow problems.

Other recent new features include:

  • Update Word documents
    • Ability to update tables and other information in Word documents.
  • Mapping Step
    • This function allows mapping data with key values in Excel and allow advanced analytical operations without needing the VLOOKUP formula.
  • Aggregate Step
    • Perform advanced level of conditional calculations such as SUM, AVERAGE, COUNTIFS and GROUP BY and prepare output without need of skills like IFS formulas.