How to use "learning mode"


This article will explain what ‘Learning mode’ is and how to use it. Learning mode is used to show icons throughout the service that give you hints and tips about what different controls do. It is intended to help you make more productive use of the SolveXia service more quickly. It is extremely useful for new users to help them learn about the system, and it is also useful for experienced users when they are working with parts of the service they are not familiar with.

Learning mode is something that you turn on and off. By default it is off. When it is on – you will see additional ‘question mark’ icons placed near important parts of the screen. When you move your mouse over one of these question marks, you will see a small yellow popup window appear with some guidance about what you are looking at on the screen. Sometimes this will be a simple hint or tip, other times it will be an instruction of what to do next. In some cases there will also be a hyper-link in the window that can take you to more detail help. Once you become more comfortable with using the system, you can turn learning mode off – reducing the amount of items that appear on the screen.


  • Click “Learning Mode” button in the “Help and Support” group, which is the last group in the toolbar at the top of the screen. This is a “toggle” button, which means if learning mode is currently OFF, clicking this button will turn it ON. Conversely, if learning mode is ON, clicking this button will turn it OFF.
  • When “Learning Mode” is on, help buttons will be available in most of the tab controls and some popups. Below is an example of the help buttons in “Add comment to cell” instruction
  • If you move your mouse over a help button, and let it “hover” there for a moment, a small yellow window will popup with help text. It will provide general concept of related controls as well as give an instruction of how to use it. It will also provide links to our help site or help videos
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