Locked cells found in range

Error message

This step has failed some of the cells in selected range are locked or read only. Consequently instruction could not manipulate cells. Please review the workbook, unlock the cells, save and re-upload in the system, and try to run this step again.

Why does this happen?

Step fails with error message mentioned above when instruction attempts to update locked cells in the protected excel worksheet. File instruction cannot update the locked cells without unprotecting the worksheet first.

How to fix this

There are 2 ways to unprotect the worksheet in the Excel file.

1. Using “Alter worksheet protection” instruction : This approach is useful when process needs to unprotect worksheet before updating the cells every time it runs process then use of Alter worksheet is very helpful to avoid manual steps. Alter worksheet protection instruction can protect as well as unprotect worksheet in the file.

2. Manually unprotect worksheet : This approach is useful if protecting worksheet is unintended and it does not need to unprotect worksheet every time. To unprotect worksheet manually, (1) download the excel file, (2) Right click on worksheet and choose “Unprotect worksheet” option to unprotect it, (3) Save file, (4) Upload back to the SolveXia process and (5) Re-run the step.

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