Range address is not valid

Error message

This step has failed because the range address “from A3 to Last cell in column B” in worksheet “{sheetName}” in the workbook “ErrorValues.xls” appears to be LowerLeft:UpperRight e.g.C10:E2, this is not supported in the system. Please review the instruction and check that this range address evaluates to acceptable format which is UpperLeft:LowerRight e.g.C2:E10 in this workbook. 

Why does this happen?

File instruction cannot identify data in the specified advanced range in the excel file. Consequently, instruction starts looking the data in the reverse order from lower left to upper right. While this is possible manually in MS Excel, file instruction cannot perform this action in SolveXia system. File instruction in SolveXia system supports data reading from upper left to lower right direction.

How to fix this

Download and review the MS Excel file, check the specified advanced range in the instruction and ensure that specified advanced range flows data from upper left to lower right direction.

Below is an example of supported and not supported range directions in SolveXia.

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