Make your process talk with SMS

When you have a process with a large number of step (greater than 20) – or a process that takes more than 5 minutes to run end to end, you dont want to be sitting around watching it run.

What you can do that helps is insert “sms steps” throughout your process to send you a message to let you know where the process is up to. You can also have an SMS message at the end of the process to let you know it has finished. This way – you can sign off and go do other things while your process runs in the background, and you will recieve update messages when it reaches certain points along the way.

I guess the other benefit is that if you dont receive a message for quite a while, when you were expecting to – you might also have a cue to go check if your process is running ok 🙂

The SMS step is an “action step” – you will find it under the “communications” group.

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  • Bhavin

    This is great way to stay informed about running process and know upto what step(s) in the process; are completed and how many to go. Without any kind of supervision for process.

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