Mandatory data properties


A single process may involve many inputs. At times, there are inputs which are not necessary for a particular run. There may also be inputs which must be there or else the output of the process is useless. These can be known as ‘mandatory inputs’. This article will explain how to designate certain data properties as ‘mandatory,’ such that the process cannot run unless they contain data.

Before we get started

Before you start, please edit an existing data step or create a new data step. For help, please refer to the links below:


1. Create a new ‘File upload/download’ data property. For help, please refer to the How to add a data step article.

2. Uncollapse the Advanced options by clicking on the plus (+) sign.

3. Tick the box for the IsMandatory field. This will make the data property a mandatory property.

4. Save the step.

5. Run the step. The step will fail because nothing has been uploaded into the data property that was just created:

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