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This article will explain what chat support is and how to use it. Chat support is a way of connecting directly to our technical staff with questions or issues you may have, so that we can attempt to resolve them quickly and efficiently. You can use chat support any time, free of charge. It has the advantage that your issues can be dealt with immediately, and it is very useful for questions and issues that are not directly answered in our help articles.

This facility opens up a window that allows you to have an text conversation with someone, much like Instant Messenger, Skype, Yahoo Chat etc… so if you are familiar with these applications, you will have no problem using our chat support. Chat support is staffed during normal business hours. If you attempt to start chat support when no-one is available (either out of hours or all operators are busy), then you will be taken to a page that allows you to type your question in and this will be routed to our technical team with priority. They will respond to your question as soon as they become available via email.

To initiate the chat support feature, please follow the steps below;


  • Click “Chat with us” button in the “Help and Support” group, which is the last group in the tool-bar at the top of the screen
  • Once “Chat with us” button is clicked, a new window will open and take you to the chat page

  • Fill the “Name” field. This field is a mandatory field. It must be filled before to proceed to click the “Start Chat” button
  • Fill the “Company/Institution” and “Email” fileds. These two fields are optional. However, we recommend you fill these fields. It helps us to understand who you are so that we can provide a better quality service to you
  • Click “Start Chat” button
  • Once the “Start Chat” button is clicked, a chat window will show up. Please type in the message in the message box and press the “send” button and you could start to chat with our support staff. The chat history is available in the section above the message box
  • There are some advanced functions like “Send File” and “Screen capture” in the top left corner of the chat window. While you are chatting to one of our technical support staff, they may guide you to use one of these functions in order to capture additional information about the problem you are experiencing or question you have.
  • You can click the “End Chat” button on the right hand corner if you want to end the chat and close the chat window
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