As the volume of data available inside and outside of organisations continues to grow exponentially, people in just about every industry are exploring how they can capitalize on their data to deliver more value for their customers.

Growing Data Volumes

Turning data into meaningful information is not the easiest of tasks. You need to ascertain what data is available, how you are going to collect, store and manipulate it and then visualise it into information while maintaining a level of data quality to ensure your information is trusted and credible.

Analytics Iceberg

The data we need is rarely in one system or database, often requiring multiple sources to be ‘connected’ to one another, with each data source varying in terms of quality and the transformations necessary to make it usable.

So what do people do when faced with the need for analytics and business intelligence?

The default response is to wait for your enterprise data warehouse / BI solution to “catch-up” and address your specific needs (assuming you have one). Most large organisations will already have a data warehouse and reporting solution either in development or up and running. Others are left scratching their head on where to even start.

The challenge we see time and time again with the enterprise data warehouse / BI Solution is that your needs will often take their place in a queue with everybody else’s needs. The image of a line of ‘customers’ stretching out of and down the hall from I.T.’s office is one that comes to mind. As a result, business users revert to manual techniques to produce the information they need, spending vast amounts of time to collect and manipulate their data – often in spreadsheets – and using what little time they have remaining to communicate their information to the business or customers.

How we help

We won’t promise that you’ll have an Analytics or BI solution overnight.There is no denying the journey to creating meaningful analytics is one of constant learning.

What we offer are the tools to rapidly create an end-to-end Analytics/BI solution that can enable the flexibilty to “build as you learn”. For others, particularly in large enterprise, SolveXia provides a viable solution for your anlaytics needs while you wait for your enterprise data warehouse and reporting to “catch up”. You can have a solution up and running in weeks as opposed to waiting for years and you can do it without specialist database and BI skills.

The trap that people often fall into is in interpreting SolveXia as simply “another reporting tool”. To understand how we are different, it helps to break down your Analytics / BI needs into their individual components:

BI Done Right

Having the “tools” to allow business users to address the processing, storage and visualisation components of a BI/Analytics solution is what gives SolveXia its edge. Rather than waiting for the enterprise core systems to “catch up”, our users are able to craft their own end-to-end solutions which at best provide them with the BI/Analytics they so badly need and at worst provide a structured and consistent solution that can one day be transitioned to their core-system (assuming that day comes).

Some examples include:

  • Travel Click here for more information
  • Superannuation Trustee Creation of “Member Analytics” dashboards utilising multiple data sources to visualise member demographics as well as asset/liability analytics

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