Margin Lending Credit Reporting

Margin Lending Credit Reporting

SolveXia is a technology provider offering powerful and versatile process automation software. Our solution is used by financial institutions for the preparation, review and reconciliation of reports relating to their margin lending clients. These reports provide visibility over key client exposures, volumes, availability of funds as well as tracking client review dates and flagging any overdue accounts.

Reporting on client credit provides critical information to senior management regarding their loans under management. In a rapidly changing and turbulent market it is vital that management have access to the most current and accurate data on-demand so that they can immediately identify risks and act upon them. Our users have experienced the following benefits:

Users of SolveXia have experienced the following benefits:

  • An end-to-end automated Credit Reporting process that includes the collection of data files, manipulation and calculation of key exposures, volumes and funds available as well as the review and distribution of final reports to senior management.
  • A credit report that can be produced in minutes rather than days allowing for more effective monitoring of loans under management.
  • Configured in days without the need for IT or programming skills thereby replacing traditional time consuming and error prone manual processes.
  • Unlimited scalability to automate other spreadsheet-based processes, adding a layer of control and auditability without removing the flexibility that only spreadsheets can offer.
  • A full audit trail that provides easy access to locked-down historical information thereby reducing audit costs and increasing management control.
  • Elimination of key-person dependency by transferring knowledge of the process from individuals to the business.
  • Clear and up-to-date process documentation that provides a greater understanding of the various processes within the organisation.

Challenges facing organisations

  • The time associated with collecting large volumes of data from multiple sources, including disparate legacy systems. After collection, non-trivial manipulation of the data and complex calculations are required which result in the information presented to senior management being out-of-date.
  • Time pressures for staff required to prepare credit reports as part of their regular daily and month-end practices leads to human error risk, job dissatisfaction and reduced time for analysis and communication of results.
  • Key person dependency risk becomes a feature with intimate knowledge of the credit reporting process being lost when staff members leave the firm.
  • The traditional, manual method of preparing credit reports offers minimal audit trail or control over the preparation, validation and reconciliation of the report.
  • There is limited opportunity to improve current procedures without automation due to a lack of clear and logical documentation and a poor understanding of the process beyond the subject matter expert.
  • The time and cost constraints associated with sourcing IT or programming resources to automate manual processes has proven prohibitive.

How SolveXia helps

SolveXia enables users to create an end-to-end automated Credit Reporting process that delivers results, ready for analysis, in a matter of minutes. Any number of source data files including client information, portfolio transactions and stock prices, are uploaded in various formats such as Excel, Text/CSV and Access. They are then copied, manipulated and aggregated to produce on-demand reports highlighting key information relating to the organisation’s margin lending business.

The automated process can be configured by staff without the need for IT involvement or an IT development project. As SolveXia works WITH your source files, users simply add “steps” to interact with (and manipulate) files at each stage of the process.

SolveXia enables users to incorporate workflow functionality whereby steps are created that ensure review and approval of the output files before allowing continuation of the process. This is made possible by automatically emailing the output files requiring approval or rejection to designated recipients such as the product, control or finance team members. Responses including feedback (if any) from the reviewers are automatically recorded in the process documentation.

To further enhance the control and audibility of the process, every change to every step or file in the process is recorded and automatically documented in SolveXia. Users can also choose to store a locked-down historical snapshot of the process steps, the workflow and the working files for any or all process runs. SolveXia also maintains an up-to-date and live specification of the Credit Reporting process. This describes each step in enough detail to allow a user to manually reproduce the entire process.

SolveXia has templates that can be used as a guide to configuring your own end-to-end Credit Reporting process.

Frequently asked questions

Some answers to the questions you might have about this solution

  1. Can it be customised for my business? Yes. SolveXia provides you with a pre-prepared solution that gets you up and running. If necessary, we will then help you to configure the solution to meet your specific needs.
  2. Can I customise it myself or do I have to get SolveXia to do it? SolveXia is fully intended for use by non-technical/non-IT users so that the subject matter experts (the people most familiar with the process) can design and configure processes to meet their exact needs.
  3. How long does it take to set up? We can have you up and running within 3-5 business days.
  4. Does it cost more for me to run additional processes (i.e. other than the credit report)? No, the cost is the same and, as you will be able to adopt a consistent approach to all processes, the skills required to set up your first process will be the same skills required to set up all subsequent processes.
  5. How do I get more information? Please email us on or call our offices on 61-2-9386-0202.

Output from Margin Lending Credit Reporting process

SolveXia users are able to configure any process by means of a consistent method. Once configured, the process automatically becomes an end-to-end solution with the ability to populate final reports in Excel. Below is an example of the credit report produced from this process – showing key concentrations, client exposures and gearing in one page.

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